About Us

Domicile Design is a growing business that utilises computer aided diagrams to efficiently supply and provide the installation of luxury kitchens to clients throughout the UK. Our company, which is based in Bishop’s Stortford, originally started out in 2005 and has many years’ experience within the kitchen design industry.

We are a UK based company with vast expertise in kitchen design and installation. We pride ourselves in our ability to ensure that our clients’ experiences are unique and that the kitchen design and fitting is undertaken with precision and excellence, whilst maintaining the required quality at the original forecasted budget price.

All our kitchen furniture, worktops and cabinets are manufactured in UK or Germany and can be sourced if required from any part of the world. We supply a wide range of appliances, sinks and taps and fit state-of-the-art kitchens, which are overseen by our experienced designers and craftsmen.


Our aim is to work in partnership with our clients to identify means and opportunities to make substantial savings, whilst providing our clients with prestigious and luxury kitchens. Domicile Design thrives on undertaking the most demanding of projects, using its reputable methodologies to create a unique experience for its clients, whilst giving great consideration to the cost implication.

With a strong backbone of experienced professionals, Domicile Design is a productive and dynamic certified company with a highly competent and proficient work force, whose desire and primary goal is to provide you with a kitchen that exceeds your expectations.