Designing a Beautiful Kitchen for your Lifestyle

Our unique ability to have in-depth knowledge of the latest innovations in bespoke kitchen design helps us to achieve the perfect look, whilst ensuring that the new fitted kitchen has the functionality that you require, making us an enviable partner in this project. We look forward to forming a mutually rewarding relationship by installing your luxury kitchen.

The Design Process

Book a Private Consultation - with cake!

Arrange a private consultation with us either at our showroom, at your home or as a virtual consultation.  We'll encourage you to take some photos, video and basic measurements of the space before your visit so that we offer some unique ideas of what we can do for you.

If you join us in our showroom, we'll be able to show you around the different options and you'll have fun playing with some of the latest gadgets.

We can then sit down with some delicious complimentary beverages and cake to discuss your options.

To keep all our customers safe we only allow up to 4 people from one household in the showroom at any one time so your consultation will be completely private and safe.


Book a Consultation Today

Project Management

Most of our clients require additional trades to support their project - builders, electricians, tilers, heating engineers and more.  To take the stress and hassle away from our clients we have partnerships with all the trades you could possibly need for your project and can organise quotes on your behalf.  We can even manage the project in it's entirety for you.  All just a part of our ethos to put our clients first.

Measuring and Making Magic

Covid19 Update:  In line with government guidelines we are now able to visit you in your home to measure up.  As with our consultations, The safety of our customers is our primary concern and we have health and safety procedures in place, including appropriate PPE to protect you and your family during our visit.  We are also still offering a virtual 'walk-through' to enable clients to take their own necessary measurements (it's so simple, a child could do it) should you prefer.  

We have a special sort of talent for coming up with unique and creative ideas that delight our customers. Our unique ability added to our in-depth knowledge of the latest innovations in bespoke kitchen design helps us to achieve the perfect look, whilst ensuring that the new fitted kitchen has the functionality that you require.  Once we've measured your space and discussed ideas with you we'll draw up your design concept which we'll talk you through.


Design Sign Off

Once you're completely happy with the design ideas we'll produce a final design plan for you to sign off. We'll then start to talk about all the exciting options available to you such as colours, doors, handles, drawers and special features. 

We'll then produce a detailed costing document and confirm the price for you.

Finally we'll work through the various payment options with you and agree how you'd like to pay.

Covid19 Update:  This can be done via video conferencing if you prefer.



Choosing the gadgets

Everyone loves this stage - we'll help you choose the ideal appliances and accessories for your new kitchen which we then order. We will also be able to advise on.

Once the production phase is complete and we have all your items in house we'll be in touch to arrange delivery and installation date.

All products and work comes with a guarantee that will be discussed with you.

Covid19 Update: If you would like us to do so, and it's possible to access your kitchen directly from outside your property, we can seal the kitchen from the rest of the house and enter directly into the kitchen, never having to come into contact with your or your family.  Once the work is complete, your brand new kitchen will be completely sanitised by masked and gloved staff to ensure your beautiful new kitchen is completely clean.

If this isn't the case, please be reassured that all our fitting teams have had full Covid19 ppe training and contact with you will be very limited.

On average from first contact to order delivery and fitting it's around 12 weeks so even if you contact us now it's possible that we'd be able to fit your kitchen as soon as we receive it.

All our fitters have been trained in PPE use to ensure that our customers and staff remain safe and well and that your new kitchen can be fitted asap whatever your home looks like.


Finishing Touches

We're not finished until you're 100% happy. Once the installation is complete we'll give you a tour of your new kitchen. We'll be sure to demonstrate all features and advise on the care of items so you can keep your beautiful new kitchen in top condition for many years to come.

Of course our team always cleans up after themselves and leaves your room ready for you to use.

If you should have any issues or questions about any of our work after we have finished, you're very welcome to contact us at any time!


Our Promise

We will always meet or exceed your requirements and specifications.
We keep our costs as low as possible to fit within your budget
Your kitchen design and fitting will be customised to your needs and delight.
Your kitchen will be designed and fitted within a timescale we'll agree with you.
All our products come with a 1 year guarantee.
Our labour is also guaranteed for 1 year.
Any electrical items or appliances installed also have a 1 year guarantee.
One year guarantee of all sinks and taps.

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