Kitchen Remodeling Ideas With Highest Impact on Resale Value

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There may be tons of reasons for you to seek remodeling your kitchen. Perhaps your family has grown and you feel the present space can no longer serve the big crowd in your home. Or maybe you’re just tired of the old, stale look and want to update your space.

How about some functional changes? For a kitchen to deliver fully, it needs to balance the aesthetic with the functional aspect.

But have you stopped to think if this personalization of your space is going to help when you decide to resell your home? Do not assume that every exorbitant change you bring about in your kitchen is going to pay you back. The point is to strike a balance where every update you make actually makes a difference without breaking the bank.

Relax! We don’t expect you to go deep into the details. We are here to make it simple for you. After intense research on the subject, we feel that the following updates are worth considering as they may serve you well, as well as help you get a great return on your investment.

Paint Your Kitchen Walls

The right color in your kitchen can do wonders. A simple upgrade like painting the walls sometimes can weave the least expected change into your kitchen. Besides, the right shade and texture can make the rest of the elements stand out. So don’t miss out on this one.

New Kitchen Cabinetry

What do we have at maximum in the kitchen? Cabinets, of course! But if they’re all dull and ready to fall off, they don’t do any credit to the rest of your kitchen.

Change their color or if they are in an irreparable condition, replace them.

New Fixtures

Fixtures add greatly to the overall ambiance of your kitchen. Consider replacing them so that they fit well in your design scheme.

Update Your Countertop

Although most homeowners find it difficult to think beyond granite for countertop, yet quartz has made a great foray in high-end design today and is considered as good as granite.

The material is stain-resistant, nonporous, durable, and very sleek. It also fits in wonderfully with the needed aesthetic prerequisites and is considered the most lucrative investment today.


Think of mirrored tiles on the walls for a glamorous visual experience or a cool gray marble backsplash that extends from the range to the hood that can be paired with polished concrete floors. Besides, they save your kitchen walls from oil stains easing the cleaning work, which is a massive blessing!

New Flooring

The floors in your kitchen probably take the maximum brunt with all that heavy foot traffic, dropped pans and all kinds of spills.

It means that you better invest in flooring that’s durable and ultimately high on ROI. After careful research on different types of floorings that go in a kitchen, it’s vinyl we give full points to. It’s tough and doesn’t stain, scratch or fade. However, we don’t recommend hardwood flooring in the bathroom.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Buying a house doesn’t come cheap and when you present your house to the prospective buyers with the kitchen replete with energy-efficient appliances, they will know that they have hit the jackpot! Besides, the appliances are sure to add considerable value to your home that will serve you well at the time of reselling your house.

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