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A luxury kitchen is built decision-by-decision — and each choice needs to be thoughtful, purposeful and, of course, high end. Here are our favorite kitchen appliances, finishes and materials that help create an ultra-luxe kitchen aesthetic.

Backlit cabinets:

Bring some luxurious lighting into your kitchen design by backlighting the inside of your kitchen cabinets. Choose glass-fronts so the light shines through (this looks especially amazing at night!). The look is glam but also functional — no more losing things in the dark back corners of cabinets.

High-end, high-quality kitchen appliances:

Sub-Zero and Wolf offer the highest quality refrigerators/freezers and ranges/ovens on the market. They are chef grade, and while the price tag is high, the technology and aesthetic features are worth the cost. Plus, this upscale choice appeals to homebuyers and can help if you decide to sell your house. According to this article in Forbes, “If a kitchen sells the home, then Sub-Zero sells the kitchen.”

Extra Kitchen appliances:

There is no end to luxury kitchen appliance options outside of the standard refrigerator, oven, stovetop, and dishwasher. From complex espresso makers to the coveted Kitchen Aid mixer, there are plenty of ways to create more luxury with extra appliances — or custom built-ins. Our favorites include:

  • Warming drawers: Made to blend in with the rest of your kitchen cabinetry, these hidden heating compartments keep plates warm in order to keep your food warmer for longer.
  • Refrigerator drawers: These kitchen drawers are incorporated into base cabinets and act as small refrigerators. They are perfect next to the sink, to hold all of your fresh produce that needs to be prepped, or as an easy place for the kids’ after-school snacks.
  • Dual dishwashers: This feature will amplify your ability to clean up after meals. If you host a lot of events, have a large family, or keep a kosher household, having two dishwashers will save you time and energy.
  • Beverage centers: Beverage centers are designated zones of the kitchen that usually include a small bar sink, storage for glasses, and an appliance like a built-in wine cooler or espresso machine. It’s a perfect place to set up your morning coffee station or to gather family and friends for cocktails.

Tall cabinets and pantries:

Tall cabinets are a luxury kitchen staple. Customize them with adjustable shelves, wine racks, and pull-out drawers. They can also serve as storage for pantry supplies and small appliances.

Hideaway corner cabinets:

Corners often pose an interior design challenge, but not when you use them to create a storage area and appliance garage. Hide your espresso machines, your Kitchen Aid, your toaster, or whatever kitchen appliance you use often and don’t want on the kitchen counter. Eliminating clutter helps maintain the luxury kitchen feel.

Dual kitchen countertops:

Dual kitchen countertops have functional as well as aesthetic benefits. Combining a beautiful granite slab with a custom butcher block allows you to have the durability and the look of granite while keeping a designated space to cut and prep food. The blending of the two countertops gives the kitchen more visual interest with a combination of colors and textures.

Marble kitchen countertops:

The unique look of marble is unmatched by any other stone or tile. Using marble on your backsplash or your countertop is a beautiful way to level up the luxury in your kitchen.


Chandeliers always make a statement. Include a chandelier over your kitchen island or in your dining room to elevate the space and provide extra light.

Architectural interior design details:

Details such as coffered ceilings, molding, and ornate cabinets make your kitchen feel custom and luxurious. These style choices lean toward the traditional/transitional look but can play on the style of the existing home.

Rich wood tones:
Rich stained wood in the kitchen can bring luxury regardless of the style of your home. When paired with dark colors and streamlined cabinets, like the photo pictured, it adds warmth and drama to the space. When combined with light cabinetry in a more traditional kitchen, it still manages to break up the colors and become a standout element.

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