What Makes a Kitchen a Fabulous Kitchen?

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When you think about one of the most important rooms of the home, everything usually leads to the kitchen. Think about it. Where else is a person going to eat meals or cook in their home without difficulty? So with this being said, we’re going to cover what makes a great kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinetry

Having great storage in your kitchen is incredibly important. If cheap materials happen to be used for storage kitchen cabinets or cupboards it will only shorten the lifespan of the products. Although a stainless steel cabinet would be a fantastic option in terms of longevity, utilizing metal cabinets doesn’t necessarily give off a homey kitchen feel that’s commonly associated with an inviting space. So when it comes to ideal addition to a fantastic kitchen, a custom-built wooden cabinet is the best way to go. With many different options of cabinet styles, you can create both a warm and traditional atmosphere, a wooden cabinet can make your guests feel as if they’re welcome.

Maximizing the Space in Your Kitchen

Having room in the kitchen offers more options if one decides to have the space remodelled or designed. For example: If one decides they want to add some furniture or appliances to their kitchen, they can do so with extra space to spare. So long story short, an ideal great kitchen has space for more than a single cook to prepare a meal every day. Such a kitchen would be even better if it offers a bar for guests to talk as one prepares a meal or space for children to do their schoolwork while another is cooking. If a large family can eat comfortably in such an area, that’s the definition of a great kitchen.

Kitchen Bench Tops

When it comes to the most utilized parts of the kitchen, the bench top is usually at the top. However, much of this depends on how one wants it operates. Some individuals enjoy using the bench top as a place to work, study, or read the paper. Other individuals utilize it as a place to fix meals or an area to eat food.

So given these situations, a wooden surface is suggested if the bench top is going to be utilized for dining. Why? Well, it’s an insulating material that is warm in both the cold seasons and the morning. In addition to this, furniture that utilizes timber tends to have a much longer life span than the other alternatives. If you happen to fear scratches, purchasing an oiled or matte surface will make the scratches considerably less visible.

If your bench top is being utilized as a work station (as opposed to a dining space), you might want to stick with stainless steel as your bench top. Doing so gives your bench top a modern look and it can also make the kitchen area look more professional. A stainless steel bench top is incredibly durable, which makes it possible to be rough when handling food and eradicate any concerns that you’ll be damaging the surface beneath it. However, it is possible to scratch a stainless steel bench top, but most scratches can be removed with some simple buffing. Another perk that comes with stainless steel bench tops is that they have a non-porous surface and they’re incredibly hygienic. This means that you won’t have to worry about microorganisms or bacteria producing after you make a meal. So long story short, your ingredients will have a smaller window for contamination (in comparison to other benchtops).

Full article with thanks to https://kitchenartdesign.com/what-makes-a-kitchen-a-great-kitchen/

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