What Will Make Your Kitchen ‘Happy’?

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Full article with thanks to: housebeautiful.com/uk/decorate/kitchen/a37256919/happy-kitchen-essentials

A white kitchen with a central island, walk-in pantry and American-style fridge freezer has been revealed as the ultimate ‘happy kitchen’.

New research from Magnet has revealed that size is no longer a concern, with more than two-thirds of people (68 percent) agreeing that practicality and organisation in the kitchen are more important than the size of the space.

‘A well-designed, functional space that makes for an organised, happy home is now more desirable than size, with only 11 percent of people choosing size as their most important consideration,’ says Hayley Simmons, Director of Commercial Range at Magnet. ‘This insightful new research brings to light just how consumer behaviour is shifting, and how priorities have changed.’

White kitchen units are the number one choice if you want to feel happy in your kitchen, with one in six people believing that a sleek, crisp white kitchen brings them the most joy.

Almost a third of people (28 percent) say incorporating a kitchen island is their preferred configuration for boosting joy. Meanwhile, an open plan kitchen/living space has also proved popular, with one in five people agreeing that it would be their go-to choice.

When it comes to kitchen features, highly coveted walk-in pantries were voted top for making people happiest (15 percent), closely followed by an American-style fridge freezer (14 percent), and a coffee machine (10 percent). Additionally, morning coffee was voted the top mindful moment to enjoy in the kitchen, with one in five people claiming it makes them the happiest.

he official ‘Happiest Kitchen’ as discovered by the research is as follows:

  • Colour: White
  • Layout: Kitchen with central island
  • Top 3 features: Walk-in pantry, American-style fridge freezer and coffee machine.

‘A happy kitchen for me is a magic mix of some very simple ingredients – thoughtful design, functionality and personality,’ says former Interior Design Masters contestant Amy Wilson. ‘There are no rules when it comes to creating a happy kitchen, simply have some fun and design a space where people want to stay, and memories can be made. My happy kitchen starts with dancing on the table! A kitchen is about so much more than just eating – it is a space with great energy where family and friends can gather and share.’

Full article with thanks to: housebeautiful.com/uk/decorate/kitchen/a37256919/happy-kitchen-essentials

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