Which Kitchen Cabinet Material Is Better For Your Kitchen?

Which Kitchen Cabinet Material Is Better For Your Kitchen?

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There are many elements that have to come together in a successful kitchen remodel to transform this room into the one envisioned by the homeowner. One of these is certainly the cabinetry. They take up a large portion of the space in a kitchen and typically a hefty chunk of the budget as well.

At Domicile Design, our craftsmen (and women) know that one of the most basic decisions about your kitchen cabinets is the material from which they are constructed. You certainly have a number of popular choices when it comes to this decision.

Your Cabinet Material

As appealing as solid wood may sound for some applications, it’s not a favourite when it comes to kitchen cabinets. There can be quite a bit of moisture in this room over time with steam rising from cooking pots and from hot water at the sink, and everyone knows that solid wood can contract and expand in reaction to moisture and temperature. The most popular choices in material for this part of your kitchen are medium density fiberboard (MDF), plywood, particleboard with melamine and possibly stainless steel.

  • Medium Density Fiberboard MDF is appreciated by homeowners because of how well it stands up to cracking and peeling. It’s also smoother than plywood and is easy to cover with a coat of any color paint you’d like for your cabinets to make them match the rest of your kitchen décor.
  • Plywood This is a popular material for manufacturers of cabinetry given its relatively low cost as well as its stability and resistance to moisture. When used in cabinets, the outer layer of particleboard will typically be covered in wood veneer or plastic laminate to provide superior durability and protection.
  • Particleboard This material will not generally be used in high-end kitchen remodeling projects. It basically consists of wood chips that have been glued together and fused into flat panels. It has the least structural strength of all the options.
  • Stainless Steel While appliances made of this material are frequently all the rage, using it for cabinetry is definitely an area of personal taste. Many people consider that there’s nothing quite like wood or at least wood-derived products like some mentioned above when it comes to a warm, natural-looking kitchen.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Kitchen

Several factors may go into your final choice of material for your kitchen cabinets. You want them to blend in well with other design elements you already have and budget will certainly be a concern for some. You might even end up with a different material for the doors as compared to the cabinet box. The doors are, after all, the most visible and style-setting part. If you’re looking for a natural wood look, you may not want to choose MDF since it can’t be stained. Solid wood might work well for doors that need to have a natural look to match the rest of your kitchen.

Full article with thanks to: walkerwoodworking.com/how-to-choose-the-right-kitchen-cabinet-materials-for-your-project

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