Quick Tips to Enhance Your Kitchen

Quick Tips to Enhance Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of every home and the place where family members sit together to enjoy their dinner. As such, like the other rooms of your house, this space should reflect your taste and style.

Remodelling can create wonders and putting a few accessories here and there will give a warm and sophisticated feel to the cooking space. Let’s check out some smart tips to decorate a kitchen that is stylish and of course, practical.

Maintain the flow

When adding accessories to the cooking space, the decor should not obstruct your workflow. Put a small display on kitchen countertops, however, and place it in a corner or out-of-the-way spot. This ensures it will not obstruct your workable countertops space.

Stick with theme décor

Accessories and other decorating items will make the kitchen look natural. Give yourself a second thought before you are all set to change the interior decoration and upgrade your old kitchen. Buy beautiful dishes, cutting boards, baskets and flatware that can create wonderful displays in this space without the feel of being out of place.

Use space in the right way

If there is lots of space in the kitchen, then you should use it in the right way. You can install practical kitchen countertops and cabinets in the cooking area, provided they add elegance and style to this space. Make sure they are of the right size so that they match perfectly with your kitchen’s décor.

Decorate smaller spaces properly

If space for “extra” decoration is limited, then you may look for stylish ways for displaying the necessities of your kitchen. There are beautiful pots or jars that can be used as decorative canisters, and utensil holders for your daily items. Besides, a French bottle drying rack for cups, a beautiful epergne for fruits or a plate stand for displaying a collection of plates are some great ways to decorate the kitchen.

Choose items to clean easily

It’s pretty difficult to keep the kitchen clean and tidy as things can get splashed with food or water and thus, grease may build upon the items. As you choose some decorative accessories for the cooking space, make sure the items can be cleaned easily or wiped down as a part of your daily cleaning.

Decorate the windows in the best way

You may add window treatment in the kitchen since it is a great way to provide a finished look to the space. For this, you do not need anything expensive, a simple valance is a great way to add some colour and texture to the kitchen.

Take a look at the basic décor

You can give the walls a coat of paint since it acts as a background and adds more depth to the cooking area. Also, you can make a rapid change in hardware and add new cabinets and drawers to bring a change in the look of the space.

Thus, the kitchen being the space where you create wonderful memories with your loved ones, it will reflect your choice and style with the new upgrade. Adding a kitchen counter will increase the value of your property and you will get a good price if you want to sell off your property in future.

Do not rush into a hurry in buying something that simply does not suit your taste. Rather, conduct thorough research before you plan to change the entire look of the cooking space and give it an awesome look for the family as well as the guests.

Six Tips For Decorating The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home, and in many cases, the meeting point of the family. Although its main function is food preparation, the kitchen does not have to be a mere functional space devoid of any decorative elements.

Skilful decoration can make a kitchen look much warmer and more welcoming, or create a more sophisticated and stylish space. Therefore, today I bring some tips to decorate the kitchen without losing its functionality.

Keep the flow of work

It is enough to introduce some accessories to give life and personality to the kitchen, but these should not get in the way of the normal development of culinary tasks. For this reason, it is best to place them in the corners of the countertop and away from the cooking area, to avoid being splashed while cooking.

Be consistent with the overall style of the kitchen

Decorative accessories must complete the style of kitchen furniture. If your kitchen is rustic, decorate it with baskets, natural wood and traditional objects. If it is modern, decorated with glass, marble or multicoloured accessories. Kitchen fruits and herbs fit easily into any style.

Take advantage of vertical space

If your counter doesn’t have a lot of space, you can hang some kitchen utensils on the wall. Not only will it be much easier for you to cook having everything at hand, but they will also serve as decoration when they are clean and well organized on the wall. A shelf on the counter also allows you to place some decorative elements on it, keeping the counter clear.

Choose easy-to-clean accessories

To keep the kitchen clean and tidy, use decorative elements that are easy to clean or that are easy to move when cleaning. Avoid too small accessories that you have to move and reposition often or organize them in a basket or on a tray to facilitate their transfer.

Saw the windows

A curtain, blinds or Venetian blinds is also an easy way to add colour and texture to your kitchen. In general, curtains and blinds are easier to keep clean in kitchens than Venetian blinds. These can be easily washed in the washing machine, while Venetian blinds end up collecting grease that dust sticks to, and can end up being more difficult to clean.

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Other decorative elements

Tiles, tiles and handles are also quite important decorative elements in a kitchen that can complete the style of it or even transform it completely. Also, keep them in mind when transforming your kitchen into a pleasant and beautiful space for you and your family.

Full article with thanks to: chic-deco.com/great-kitchen-countertops-decorating-tips

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