The Power of Kitchen Islands In Your New Kitchen

The Power of Kitchen Islands In Your New Kitchen

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2022 is the year of the ‘living kitchen’ where function, aesthetics and technology combine to make day-to-day life a little easier. Kitchens are a crucial element in the home, they’re a space for entertaining, a place for catching up with family and loved ones at the end of the day, and importantly, where breakfast is grabbed and culinary delights are whipped up, so it’s crucial that they’re both practical and enjoyable spaces.

The kitchen island has been growing in popularity for a number of years now. They add extra space for food preparation, allow more storage and provide a sociable space for friends and family to sit and chat when meals are being prepared. In celebration of this common fixture in our homes, we’ve taken a look at the latest kitchen island trends to help you decide on the perfect island to suit the style of your home.


Shades of black, white and charcoal have proved popular in 2022, providing homeowners with a sleek and elegant result. Designed to add interest and depth, mixing shades of the same hue is a considered way to add contrast to your kitchen. We suggest adding darker shades to your units and tying this in with the underneath of your island in the same shade for a cohesive interior. Add light coloured worktops and splashbacks to bounce light around the room for a brighter finish.


Multi-generational living has ousted the one-size-fits-all kitchen, with spaces ideally able to grow as the family does. With careers a focus, marriage coming later and a population that is living longer, we’re demanding more in terms of valuable interior design. The ‘flextension’ is a new concept, which caters for flexible living. Whether it’s additional island space to accommodate friends for ‘sips & nibs’, an adaptable workspace, or simply more surface room for cooking, the clever design combines with functionality to provide islands that deliver when needed.


There’s something about a naked kitchen that makes us weak at the knees! Our kitchens are a great example of how to incorporate a simple island that still offers the practical storage required for a busy household. Simply stack chunky mixing bowls and rustic chopping boards together to create a kitchen that exudes country style.


We’ve been hearing lots about ‘leggy islands’ lately, they’re a great way to add interest to an island and to create an illusion of more space as the more floor space that’s visible, the larger your kitchen will look. 


For a really rustic, and somewhat French look, try adding a shabby chic pine table to the centre of your kitchen. Definitely, the cheapest island going, a rustic farmhouse table used for cooking space will add so much charm to your kitchen. Simply clear the top and add matching wooden chairs to entertain friends and family when needed.


Clear the clutter! The ideal solution for families, the island rises at the touch of a button, concealing room for gadgets, office space, shelving and more! It’s ideal for hiding tech during family time, and can even include a mini-wine fridge for an added wow factor for the grown-ups!

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